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Partner with the League of Intrapreneurs to unlock the power of intrapreneurship in your organization.

It’s time to stop talking about change.

It’s time to make it. 

Six things we know to be true…


+   Everyone wants to create positive change through their work. Having space for this improves workplace culture and impacts the bottom line.

+   Sustainability and purpose need to be part of every business decision if organizations want to continue to be relevant now and in the future.

+   Creating change from within large organizations is hard; people often don't have skills, tools, or connections they need to shift the system.

+   We need to harness the assets of our organizations to tackle the real-world problems that need solving.

+   We need courageous, collaborative, creative employees who can translate the words of the street to sustainable and meaningful change.

+   We need entrepreneurs on the inside; we need Intrapreneurs.

We invite organizations across the globe to join the Global Intrapreneurship Movement. 

Below you can find four opportunities to recognise your intrapreneurs, connect and upskill them and also position yourself as a purpose-led organization where intrapreneurs can thrive.

The time is now. Are you in?


Interested in unlocking the power of intrapreneurship?

We are also happy to collaborate with you to co-create an approach that fits your needs.

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Some of the organizations we've worked with so far

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About us

The League of Intrapreneurs is a global community working to unlock the human innovation potential inside our most influential institutions to change the world.


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