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Naked Truth About a New Generation of Leaders

What are the things you think but don’t dare tell your boss? What are you genuinely dreaming of, and what are the fears still holding you back? It’s time to bare all and get real! We’ll share your feedback and initiate an honest dialogue with three intrapreneurial leaders. Are you ready to face the truth?


Kristina Drenker is the One Young World Managing Ambassador for Europe. She is passionate about supporting individuals on their personal and professional journeys by combining business experience, coaching and energy work. As a social impact and digital transformation coach and consultant, she collaborates across industries to plant and accelerate the cultural change needed to foster sustainable development. She previously worked as an Intrapreneur within large organizations such as Bayer and Coca-Cola as well as an Entrepreneur of her own business where she developed a multi-sensual energy method, a holistic way to support others to rediscover their flow. 


Gabriela Ottoboni coordinates the Cooperativism and Sustainability team at Sicredi Dexis (Credit Union) in Brazil. Since 2019, she has been connected to the intrapreneurship movement, which has strengthened her professional performance in favor of transformations from within.
This year, has joined the BWM Foundation’s Responsible Leaders network.


Jessica Jones is a passionate intrapreneur, who believes in the power of challenging the status quo and supporting leaders inside organizations. 
Jess has been involved in intrapreneurship at Bühler since she joined the company, experiencing first-hand how much impact an internal employee-driven movement can have in evolving a company culture. Leading the Swiss-branch of 'GenerationB', Jess has been faced with the challenges and opportunities of being an intrapreneur. Jess is Sustainability Manager for Global Manufacturing, Logistics & Supply chain at Bühler AG, and also the MD of One Young World Switzerland - the first national board of the global organization.


Toni Plöchl is a technology enthusiast with an intrapreneurial mindset who is passionate about driving change by incorporating digital innovation. After studying business information systems at the Technical University Darmstadt, he started an international career at BMW and worked in Corporate Strategy in Germany, a technology research office in the US and as an expat for three years in Mexico, responsible to set up the Digital Lab. He now works in Technology Scouting and as Startup Manager at the BMW Startup Garage, responsible to bring startup solutions into the BMW Group – from autonomous driving to sustainability.




10th October

7pm CET

1pm EDT