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Moonshot: From Black to Green. The story of Ørsted

Intrapreneurs are dreamers who do. Be part of a celebratory session that highlights the incredible work of intrapreneurs all around the world and how they are each contributing to a kinder, fairer world. Learn about their innovative projects and ask questions in this interactive session.

We often talk about "systemic change" or "transformation", but we have so few examples of success in the corporate world. Which is why we are thrilled to be hosting this conversation to explore how Danish Oil and Natural Gas became Ørsted energy, pioneering the market for offshore wind energy. And, in so doing, went from 85% fossil fuel energy to 85% renewable energy over 10 years and has set a mission to become the Green Energy leader by 2030. 

If you have a moment, it's well worth watching this video about the journey they took: https://youtu.be/3DXvf_XM1BA


Mr. Jens Gengenbach has been working in the offshore wind industry for more than a decade. He is currently working as Head of R&D Program for Ørsted responsible for all R&D project execution covering site assessment, foundations, electrical infrastructure, WTG’s, logistics, advanced modelling and environmental research. He holds a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering. Before joining Ørsted he worked 2 years at GE Wind as system engineer for offshore wind turbines. During his 10 years in Ørsted he was part of the journey supporting the transition from a fossil fuel driven company to a market leader in offshore wind.




10th October

5:30 pm CET

11:30 am EDT