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Mastering the Art of the Pitch

Workshop Hosted by SC Ventures | Standard Chartered 

The key to mastering the art of the pitch has everything to do with the idea – spotting the opportunity; mustering up the courage to sell your idea; being open to listening, and having the wisdom to pivot as well as the tenacity to execute. Yes, there are many standard guides to pitching – but the best pitches don’t come from just following a formula. They come from a good story – told with courage, empathy and authenticity.
Join us at our upcoming workshop, where we’ll share stories of some of our own pitches (the best and the worst ones), our learnings out of them, and tips you can take home to perfect your pitch.


Jason Wiggin is a Member of SC Ventures, which is Standard Chartered Bank’s innovation, fintech
investments, and ventures arm. His focus is on the Intrapreneurship program, where he is managing
and optimizing the program to promote and drive innovation both within and outside of the organization. 
The idea of providing Intrapreneurship as a Service is new for banks, and so far is being met with
enthusiasm in the market – 2 clients have signed up since the product went live – just a few months ago!
Jason is a proud father to his dog Luna, and his hobbies revolve around gaming, lecturing people on the dangers of NFT’s, and dreaming of the Metaverse.


Angie Ng is a member of SC Ventures, which is Standard Chartered Bank’s innovation, fintech investments and venture arm. Current role as an innovation coach to drive intrapreneurship, incubate ideas and advance them into solutions within the bank and/or as a venture with a new business model.
Prior to SC Ventures, Angie has a background in Psychology, previously an event marketer and a founding member of innovation team at the largest pan-Asia insurer. Angie is a humble innovation practitioner, a certified Human Centered Design LUMA instructor and facilitator.




10th October

10am CET

7pm AEST

4pm Singapore