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Igniting a Global Indigenous Network in support of #SDGs

In this session, leaders from different communities will come together to honor the Qatuwas Accord Mission: “Uniting the people of the Big houses, Potlatches and Canoes, Affirming our relationships to the land and sea, Upholding our ancestral laws”.
Heiltsuk Nation’s Hereditary Chief Frank Brown will lead a dialogue with Tribal leaders from around the world on the implementation of Qatuwas Accord; a Nation to Nation collaboration effort that was previously introduced in 2014, and is now ready for global scale. Join several nations coming together with the shared intention to commit to a bigger collaboration supporting trade, protection of land and legacy. This special fireside chat will support the launch of Indigenous Diplomacy.


Coleen McCormick is Executive Director at Connected Communities 




10th October

12 am CET

6 pm EDT

9 am AEST