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League Fellows: Hard truths about being an intrapreneur

The path of an intrapreneur often isn’t an easy one. While there are glorious peaks, there too are dark troughs, and the challenges can be difficult and lonely to navigate. Join our League Fellows sharing their stories of Courage, acknowledging how they connected with it, and what raised their spirits in moments of doubt.


Florencia Estrade is passionate about people finding meaning at work and how business can be an engine for positive impact in the world. She is an experienced facilitator, coaching groups throughout transformation journeys and innovation processes within different organizations and geographies. She co founded the League of Intrapreneurs, after having spent more than 10 years inside large corporations including ABN AMRO Bank and McKinsey & Company, and having founded 2 social enterprises: an impact based innovation consultancy and an accelerator for impact-driven startups in Brazil. She holds an MBA from UC Berkeley, is a Fulbright Scholar, Haas Merit Scholar, and certified facilitator in TheoryU.


Mercedes Gutierrez Alvarez is New Business and Innovation Area Manager at Ingka Group, a strategic partner in the IKEA franchise system, operating more than 400 IKEA stores, units and customer meeting places in 32 countries. Born in Spain and now based in Malmö (Sweden). Her career path has seen her shift from sustainability, to social impact and community engagement, to her current position at the forefront of the innovation agenda, intending to achieve a greater people and planet positive impact through new businesses, new solutions and new models. Now, her scope includes exploring the new work models of the future and the quest for more affordable, sustainable, and climate-resilient housing to more of the many people. Fifteen years’ experience working on ESG, sustainability and social entrepreneurship as innovation drivers to transform business models, mainly for the energy and retail sectors. Passionate, believer and activist on empowering everyone as change-makers to tackle inequality and climate change. She holds a degree in chemistry-science and masters in ESG accountability, social audit and civil society development. She has been a Global Fellow at the League of Intrapreneurs since 2020.


Lorena Guillé-Laris is CEO at Fundación FEMSA. She is a passionate intrapreneur devoted to corporate philanthropy, CSR, human rights, and systems change, and has led the operations of the Gamesa-Quaker Foundation and was Executive Director of the Cinépolis Foundation since its inception. She has been a member of the Global Philanthropist Circle of Synergos, and the Nexus Global Youth Summit, and serves as Board Member at World Vision Mexico, among many other organizations in the country. She co-founded the SPO The Human Rights Monitor, and is founding partner of the NGO Más Ciudadanía. She mentors social entrepreneurs at the Unreasonable Institute Mexico and has been a lecturer and speaker on philanthropy and CSR. Lorena is Fellow of the International Women's Forum and The Global League of Intrapreneurs. Lorena has a bachelor in Industrial and Systems Engineering (Tech of Monterrey, 2002), a Masters in Public Administration and Public Policy (Escuela de Gobierno y Transformación Pública, Tech of Monterrey, 2009), and has executive studies at Harvard Business School, Kennedy School of Government, IPADE, and INSEAD, among others.


Julio Rosa is Global Program Manager at UNICEF and a fellow at the League of Intrapreneurs.




10th October

4pm CET

10am EDT