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Feminist Leadership: More women in power or a new way to lead?

We need a commitment to creating alternatives to traditional, hierarchical leadership and organisational cultures, and that is part of what Feminist Leadership is. It is an ongoing process of learning and unlearning, both individually and together with others.
The League is hosting this conversation bringing FAIR SHARE of Women Leaders, Todas Group and OXFAM, to reflect upon the challenges around equitable opportunities in leadership.


Florencia Estrade is passionate about people finding meaning at work and how business can be an engine for positive impact in the world. She is an experienced facilitator, coaching groups throughout transformation journeys and innovation processes within different organizations and geographies. She co founded the League of Intrapreneurs, after having spent more than 10 years inside large corporations including ABN AMRO Bank and McKinsey & Company, and having founded 2 social enterprises: an impact based innovation consultancy and an accelerator for impact-driven startups in Brazil. She holds an MBA from UC Berkeley, is a Fulbright Scholar, Haas Merit Scholar, and certified facilitator in TheoryU.


Sophia Seawell is Project Manager at FAIR SHARE, a feminist initiative based in Berlin with the mission to accelerate intersectional gender equity in the social impact sector. She leads international communications, mobilizes resources and coordinates projects on Feminist Leadership. She came to FAIR SHARE from international feminist fund Mama Cash, and outside of her formal roles enjoys writing and moderating events at the intersection of culture and (feminist) politics.


Tatiana Sadala is the co founder of Todas Group. 


Saranel Benjamin has been working in development for close to 30 years. She is a daughter of African soil, currently living and working in the United Kingdom. Saranel holds experience of working in both civil society in the Southern Africa and for INGOs based in the United Kingdom. She is an anti-racist feminist currently heading up the development of Oxfam GB’s strategy to decolonize its partnerships.




11th October

5pm CET

11am EDT