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Social Intrapreneurs in Family Business

How do members of family businesses act as intrapreneurs to take the impact agenda for their businesses?
What challenges do they face and competencies do they have in common with executive intrapreneurs?
In this panel Karin Baumgart from Baumgart Group, Agatha Abraão from Águia Group and Mariana Beira Montero, from Quimica Amparo Group, will share their own experiences and impressions about their journeys to catalyze the innovation and impact agenda in their families businesses.

The session will be in Portuguese with English translation.


Alda Marina de Campos Melo has been giving support since 2005 to the development process of responsible leaders, organizations and ecosystems. She is founding partner of Pares Strategy & Development, a B corp specialized in responsible business and leadership development, and is a professor at executive education programs and co-founder of the Social Intrapreneurship Center at Fundação Dom Cabral. She is a member of the League of Intrapreneurs Curator Comittee in Brazil, and of the governance of Sistema B Brasil.


Karin Baumgart Srougi. With two decades of experience working on the boards of for-profit and non-profit organizations, she is currently a participant on the Board of Directors and member of the Strategy, Innovation and Sustainability Committee of the Baumgart Group. She has also been an investor in impact businesses since 2015.
She was a founder and now chairs the Deliberative Council of the Vedacit Institute, and is a Board Member of ICE (Corporate Citizenship Institute), of the Center Norte Institute and the Child is Life Institute. She worked as manager and then commercial director of Expo Center Norte (2002 to 2012), when she also founded and directed the NGO Educando para o Futuro (2003 to 2007). She was also Coordinator of the Sustainability Committee of the Baumgart Group (2017 to 2020).
She holds a degree in Law and a specialization in Marketing from the University of Chicago and in Corporate Social Responsibility from FGV (EAESP) and USP (CEATS/FIA). She is a board member certified by IBGC (Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance).


Agatha Abrahão is Bethina and Joachim's mother, an advertiser specialized in Branding, Director of Organizational Culture and partner of Grupo Águia. Passionate about studying and observing human behavior, she believes that activating the full human potential is the key for people to achieve their personal and professional accomplishments. A culture of Grupo Águia itself, now updated, translated, and consolidated through HR and communication actions. Among them, the 20-day paternity leave, the School of Leaders program, new meritocracy models, the Everyone in the Field project, and the company's certification for two years in a row as GPTW.


Mariana Beira Montero is a medical graduate with a specialization in psychiatry. Member of the third generation of the Beira family and president of the family Council. Currently she is a member of the Board of Directors and of Ypê's People and Organizational Development Committee.



10th October

10 pm CET

4 pm EDT