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Courageous Narratives: Internal narratives that keep us from acting

There are many times when we get lost in images of ourselves that are not accurate and prevent us from unlocking the real potential of our capacities. In this session, we’ll review which prejudicial narratives we are letting in and which ones we should uphold to enable the behavior we hope to express instead. We’ll focus on the importance of narratives both external but importantly internal and how the stories we tell ourselves can block or boost our courage.


Catherine Connors is the founder of Demeter Media, and was CEO of the League of Badass Women, a private global network of female leaders, innovators, and change-agents. She’s the former Editor in Chief of Babble Media and former head of content for The Walt Disney Company’s digital division. After leaving Disney, she co-founded Maverick, a venture-backed digital platform for collaboration between girls and young women that was named one of Fast Company’s World’s Most Innovative Companies in 2019, and co-authored the critically acclaimed The Feminine Revolution (Seal Press, November 2018). Catherine is based in Los Angeles, California.


Maggie De Pree believes in the power of human agency—the ability for people to choose to make a difference in the world. She has spent over a decade harnessing the innovation potential of businesses—big and small—to address issues ranging from climate change to healthcare. Maggie is a Co-founder of The League of Intrapreneurs and an entrepreneur and strategist, working to advance systems change with Fortune 500 companies, governments, and NGOs. She is a recipient of the Grant Thornton 100 Faces of a Vibrant Economy Award and regularly speaks and writes on the topic of sustainable innovation and intrapreneurship. She is co-author of The Intrapreneurs Guide to Pathfinding and The Social Intrapreneur: A Field Guide for Corporate Changemakers.




10th October

8pm CET

2pm EDT