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Intrapreneur's Compass: a tool for building your capacity to drive change from within

Join the League of Intrapreneurs in a hands-on session to apply the Intrapreneur’s Compass to your impact quest. The Compass is a practical tool to help you reflect on the key dimensions and questions that are fundamental to understanding how to pursue the path towards intrapreneurship and lead change. There’s no better time than #GIW2022 to put this into practice.


Benjamin is an Intrapreneur, a purpose-driven Social Innovator changing the world from the inside out, and passionate about Sustainable Development. Currently, he works at Safaricom PLC, where he leads a team responsible for ideation, design, co-creation, development and launch of products and services that unlock new digital opportunities while delivering social impact and with a goal to position sustainability at the heart of his organization's purpose.
He holds an MBA from United States International University-Africa,  B.Sc. in Computer Science from Egerton University. He was a 2020 Global Fellow in the League of Intrapreneurs, where he also serves as the current Council Member for Africa, in addition to being a member of the BMW Herbert Quandt- Global Responsible Leaders Network.   


Samiya Abdi  is a Senior Public Health & Social Justice leader. Samiya is passionate about making health systems equitable, challenging intersecting forms of oppression, and addressing marginalization in knowledge production, research, and practice. Samiya possesses extensive experience in community engagement and building grassroots local and international movements such as the Somali Gender Equity Movement, Famine Resisters, Aspire2Lead and the Toronto Muslim Youth Political fellowship. 

Samiya has managed multimillion dollar projects within the corporate sector and led nationwide government initiatives.  Samiya is the winner of The Lori Chow Award for exceptional leadership, the Woman of the Year Award, by The Federation of Muslim Women, and the MAX Woman of the Year. Samiya is also a Global Fellow with the League and a BMW Responsible Leader.




10th October

6pm CET

12pm EDT